Monday, May 31, 2010

"A Little Dead Air Could Do Wonders"

Great article about McCarthy:

Everyone I know around the Phillies and Saint Joseph's basketball vouches for McCarthy, about what a super guy he is. So, in essence, none of what I'm about to write matters much at all. His friends love him as a man and he has lots of friends, that much is apparent.

I just wish he would shut up once in a while. In basketball, they call it letting the game come to you. I want McCarthy to let the game come to him more often. A lot more often.

Baseball is a marathon, both in game-form and season-form. Nine innings commonly take over three hours anymore. The season lasts seven months. It's a game for sipping not guzzling.

Not only does McCarthy talk too much, he does it with that voice of the golden-throated pitchman, as if I'm being sold to nonstop. It's like spending an evening with a Realtor. I'm already on-board with the Phillies. I don't need them sold to me.

Everything is over the top. Even promotional segments between innings delivered with that gee-whiz voice. The effect is this: When something awesome happens, like Roy Halladay's perfect game, it just sounds like another 100-decibel pitch out of McCarthy's mouth.

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