Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Get to the f'ing point

Yes this is really a professional broadcaster, rambling on and on aimlessly while a game is being played. What is the point he is leading to? The history of the Cardinals' "storied franchise"? Jack Clark's TV work? Whitey Herzog going into the hall of fame? Something about Lou Brock? Who the hell knows.


  1. Was listening tonight and thought the EXACT same thing. His stories blow

  2. I so want Tom McCarthy gone.
    I will NOT listen to him. I mute the tv and enjoy Scott and LA instead.

    He never shuts up. Never. He is boring. To listen to him for a whole game at a time would be like being forced to be with someone you can't stand - and I wont do it.

    I just hope the PHillies organization will get rid of him soon. It's all I can hope.