Thursday, September 9, 2010

Another article criticizing TMac (et al)

Here's an article by Joshua Folck from LeHigh Valley Live criticizing the Phillies broadcast booth. Although he is way too generous in describing TMac's broadcasting ability, at least it's good to see him being criticized in print... or blog text or whatever. He also says Franzke does a great job and should get TV time.

"Philadelphia Phillies broadcast crew doesn't match team's success"

Tom McCarthy, the play-by-play man on TV for the Phillies, has a great broadcasting voice and shows a lot of excitement throughout the games. However, sometimes it feels as if McCarthy gets more excited for the promos than he does the action on the field. I'm not sure how many more "New York Life's Safe and Secure" at second base ads I can take.

The major issue for McCarthy might be he talks too much. Great baseball announcers, like Kalas, allow the game to breathe on TV and don't talk every second. It seems like McCarthy needs to comment on everything happening on-camera, whether it's a fan eating ice cream or the ball girl chasing after a foul ball. Sometimes McCarthy should just let the sights and sounds of the game speak for themselves.

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  1. This is way too polite. Someone really needs to take McCarthy to task and just rip him to shreds. Throwing in a few personal attacks would do nicely as well. May I suggest: "Fat, arrogant, incompetent slob."

    And McCarthy "has a great broadcasting voice"?? When did that happen? Or do most people enjoy the yelling and giggling of a 12 year old girl while watching baseball?