Friday, May 27, 2011

TMac makes "worst announcers" list


Tom McCarthy: I feel bad ripping him because I understand he's a hell of a nice guy, but the problem is he's a hell of a terrible broadcaster. I listen to him and I want to fall asleep. Sure, some of that is the Phillies offense, but even when they're hitting, he makes me want to turn on the old school rap station.


  1. this list is generic and weak. and he completely misses the mark on McCarthy. TMac doesn't make you sleepy when you listen to him, he makes you angry.

    1. All the people they could have got after Harry Kalas died, it had to be Tom McCarty.......I really liked Scott Graham and they got rid of him......McCarty is so sing songie........I can t stand when he talks about blue cross the plan that fits...ahhhhh get rid of him........