Saturday, June 25, 2011

More Twitter goodness

When Tom McCarthy laughs, I contemplate pointing a nail gun down my throat & duck taping the trigger down #truestory #philliesFri Jun 24 01:49:27 via Twitter for Android

I hate Tom McCarthy. Makes every fly-out sound like a homer.Sun Jun 26 01:04:15 via web

Tom McCarthy has a laugh like a deranged serial killerSun Jun 26 00:28:27 via SocialScope

Would not b sad if TomMcCarthy took a line drive in the trachea his voice annoys me. most boring person ever bring back LA #philliesFri Jun 24 02:09:21 via Twitter for iPhone

@phillyjim76 Tom McCarthy is #HORRIBLE. Its like watching a really bad local D3 football broadcast.Thu Jun 23 01:00:10 via web

#watchingPhilliesonmute - Because Tom McCarthy SUCKSWed Jun 22 00:42:06 via web


  1. Tom McCarthy is horrible. Everytime he talks I want to burn his family especially his piece of shit ginger son

  2. Fuck you tmac. I can't even enjoy a Phillies game

  3. He's the reason I became a pirates fan

  4. I've heard better broadcasting from brian knife at Allentown football games

  5. His voice sounds as pleasant as as me having diarrhea

  6. I rather listen to Harry Calas and stephen hawking do broadcasting for the phillies.#tmacsucks #burnhisfamily #fuckoff #suckabigonetmac